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Why are Vets to Pets House Calls better than a “brick and mortar” Animal Hospital?

House Calls are much more convenient for you because it eliminates the time and energy you must spend loading and unloading your pets, driving to the hospital, and waiting in the waiting room. And no matter how much your pet may like riding in the car, very few pets enjoy the clinical setting of exam rooms, treatment rooms or cages. When you use Vets to Pets these stresses are effectively eliminated.

Are Doctor Zafir’s house calls expensive?

No. Because our overhead is significantly lower than a traditional veterinary hospital, our prices are very competitively priced.

How do I make an appointment?

Just call (561) 376-6568 and Dr. Zafir will speak to you or if not available just leave a message and he’ll get back to you shortly during business hours. Alternatively you can go to the “Contact Us” link above and book your appointment in the on-line Calendar. Appointments are made for specific times and because we feel your time is as important as ours, we are prompt.

Will Dr. Zafir treat my pet if I already have a regular veterinarian?

Absolutely! We’re happy to take care of any or all of your pet’s health care needs. We consider ourselves an adjunct to “brick and mortar” animal hospitals.

What if I have an emergency?

Not all emergencies are life threatening, although they can be scary. Dr. Zafir is equipped to deal with many of these situations. So feel free to call and leave a message if he is not immediately available. BUT, if you don’t think it can wait then please call one of the Referral Hospitals under the Emergency tab above.

What is the advantage of home euthanasia?

A trip to the vet’s office has never been one of your pet’s favorite experiences. It generally involves a stressful car ride, an unknown period of time waiting in a busy lobby, and a variable amount of discomfort for everyone involved. Your pet’s last hours really shouldn’t take place in such a foreign, clinical environment. They should be spent at home, surrounded by family: in a familiar room, on a sunlit patio, or in the yard under a favorite tree.

What are my payment choices?

Payment is made at the time service is rendered, we do not bill. We accept cash, credit cards and personal checks with appropriate ID.

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