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We are devoted to your pet(s) and you the guardian. Dr. Zafir provides an inviting and comfortable environment in your home or office. He has 36 years of experience practicing exclusively with cats and dogs.

Vets to Pets is a full-service veterinary mobile / house call practice, located in Southern Palm Beach County. Servicing Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Atlantis, Lake Worth, Lantana, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Wellington, as well as Parkland, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, and Coral Springs in Broward County.

Why use a mobile veterinary service?


We come to you! Save yourself the drive and the stress for your pet and yourself.

Interruption Free

Uninterrupted time with the vet and more personalized attention

No Waiting or Rushed Appointments

Your time is valuable, why waste it? Our service is perfect for busy guardians and professionals.

No Waiting Rooms

No noisy and crowded waiting room causing more anxiety.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Pets are more relaxed and less stressed in their home environment. You also don’t have to worry about transportation stress for pets or car sickness

Keep your Pet(s) Healthy

Prevents exposure to other sick pets

Meet our Experienced Team of Veterinary Professionals


Dr. George Zafir


Dr. George Zafir was born in Hungary and arrived in the United States by way of Canada in 1994. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science Degree from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His Doctor of Veterinary Medicine was obtained in 1983 from the University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College, Ontario, Canada. He has practiced for 36 years exclusively with cats and dogs. His first 21 years in the USA was spent as the Medical Director of a Small Animal Hospital in mid Palm Beach County. The past 4.5 years, he was practicing entirely as an Emergency Medicine veterinarian at a 24/7 urgent care facility in Broward County, as well as developing the mobile housecall service. The only thing that exceeds his passion and expertise for veterinary medicine is his compassion for his patients and their guardians.

He is married to the same beautiful wife of 35 years. He has 3 adult children, 1 dog and 2 cats. Dr. Zafir enjoys biking, swimming and reading. Dr. Zafir is also enthralled with rappelling off mountains, skydiving, volcano explorations and great white shark encounters, but only in his dreams! Most important to Dr. Zafir are his family, friends and the wonderful relationships developed over the years as a veterinarian.

Our Mission & Values

We Value Relationships

To serve our clients and patients in a professional and kind manner; to let our clients know they are valued and to develop long-term relationships with our clients and their pets.

Care Through All Life Stages

To provide excellent care to our patients throughout all stages of their lives; to foster long term relationships between clients, patients, and doctors; to promote wellbeing and preventative care; and to provide a professional, courteous atmosphere for our clients.

Strengthening Bonds

To strive to promote the human-animal bond by improving and comfortably prolonging the lives of the animals we care for, while serving and educating our clients to make each visit enjoyable, educational, and beneficial to both you and your pets.

Unsurpassed Service

To strengthen the bond between humans and their pets by providing unsurpassed veterinary service in a caring environment.

Promoting Health & Wellbeing

To promote health and wellbeing in our patients, alleviate illness, pain, and suffering, and to support pet owners and our community.

Quality Care

To provide our patients, clients, and community with the highest quality veterinary medical treatment, friendly and caring service, and personalized care.

What Our Clients Say About Us

So convenient! For me, it turned out to be cheaper or about the same price as going to the vet with 2 cats. They were friendly and saved both the cats and me from the unnecessary stress of going to the vet for an appointment. I was pleased with their services and my 18 old cat seems to be doing better.

Dianna Nixon

My dog Princess a Pomeranian was not well and I was recouping from surgery so I could not take her out to a vet. I was told this vet did house calls so I decided to try this business vetstopets.com.

I am very pleased with how the vet and his assistant took care of my dog and how knowledgeable they were. He examined her. Did bloodwork and prescribed medicine for her.

I highly recommended this business to anyone who needs an experienced vet to come to their home.
They are also very reasonable. I needed someone to come ASAP and they made time THAT same day to come to my home. I didn’t have to wait days or weeks! That is very rare here in Florida. Thanks Doc!


Dr. Zafir and his staff are truly amazing people. They are so accommodating and always help our two dogs. We would not be as happy as a family if we didn’t have them to take care of our two little buddies!!!!

Jason Barbero

Dr. Zafir and Casey came to my home for Maggie's first home visit and what a great experience for us both! They were so caring and professional that I felt very comfortable with this new type of care for my 12 year old Yorkie. Maggie was relaxed and calm as she was in her own home so that made it better for all. The second visit was as wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Doc and Casey for your very special care of Maggie.

Annie Goldman

Casey and Dr. Zafir! What can you possibly say about two individuals who are true gifts. We can’t thank them enough for the care and attention they provided to my dog. They are caring, understanding, patience but also provides results and medicine in a timely manner. It really does change the dynamic of me and my brothers view on normal veterinarian clinics. Thank you for everything you did and continue to do for Odie. We truly are blessed to have met you!

Kayla Mears

Dr. Zafir and Casey are truly wonderful, caring people! They helped my kitty, Leo, get better, and were very patient with him. He was extremely fearful of them and they came back 3 times until he calmed down. Thank you for your excellent work!

Leslie Carlet

This was my first time using them and definitely will not be the last. Dr. Zafir and Casey were very professional and handle my Bulldog with the best of care. They were very informative and also made sure to follow up with us throughout the week which made us feel that much comfortable with them. Definitely recommend them !!!

Giovanni Morales

Dr. Zafir and Casey are the nicest!!!! Very commutative and transparent about everything. They really care for our cats, definitely have made Vets To Pets our preferred vet as our cats remain way more relaxed being seen at our home.

Tony Coddington

We had to make the hardest decision of our life to let go of our precious dog Brandy after 15 years to the day we brought her into our lives she passed over the rainbow bridge. Dr. Zafir and Casey came to our home and were so caring and compassionate throughout the process. We can't thank you enough for making such a tough decision for us a beautiful moment while we held our little girl for her last breath on earth. She is happy and healthy in heaven smiling down on us and in the arms of her loving grandma Cecile.
Gayle and Claudette

Claudette Madeira

Dr Zafir and Casey are so responsive and easy with the dog! They have been there for us each and every time. I recommend them highly!

Barry Struhl

My beautiful litter of puppies required their vaccinations and microchips. I received an email from Vets to Pets offering us their service. Not having used them prior I decided to give them a go as they were a mobile service and we wanted our puppies to stay within their environment. Darren and Dinesh arrived at my home promptly at the agreed time and they were both professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The whole experience was a pleasure, their pricing was very fair and I will definitely use this service again and suggest all my new owners also contact vets to pets to use them in the future. I can not recommend Darren and Dinesh highly enough, and to my surprise their after service was as impressive as their original service. I received a follow up phone call just to check on my puppies and make sure everything was going well. Please give them a go if you are wanting 5 star care for your pets.

Jodie Costello

Dr.Zafir has been our Vet for almost 15 years. I can’t stress enough how much he means to our family. Our dogs are our family and he’s kept them happy and healthy throughout their lives. We’re lucky to have him with his honesty and professionalism.

P Lang

Vets to pets was a God sent to us and our family. Dr. Zafir & his team are incredibly caring, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable & cost contentious. We feel they are a part of our family. If you have a pet that struggles with traveling to the veterinarian office or just don’t want to deal with the hassle, this is the way to go. If you have a pet in later stages of life, or unfortunately dealing with disease/illness Dr. Zafir will assist you every step of the way. If you ever have to make that extremely difficult decision, I can not express the beauty & peace for your family but most importantly your pet, having the procedure done in the comfort of your pets familiar surroundings and home. Wonderful team & highly recommended!

Stacy Eggleston

My girlfriend and I made the switch to Dr. Zafir at Vets to Pets several months ago, and we wish we would have done it sooner. He's experienced, professional and caring. I've already recommended him to friends and family, and will continue to do so. Thanks Dr. Zafir!

Scott Papper, GIA GG, AJP

Dr. Zafir and his team truly care about your pets and understand that they are family. Everyone is very compassionate, professional, and a pleasure to deal with. I can't recommend Vets to Pets enough and the fact that they offer their services in the convenience and safety of your own home is just icing on the cake. Not having to put your pet through traveling, going into a strange place, etc. only makes their care visit that much easier for them - especially if you've got timid pets who don't do well with strange surroundings. We appreciate Dr. Zafir and his staff and the love they show to us and especially the furry member of our family.

Mark Lawson

Dr. Zafir has been our veterinarian for almost 4 years. He is fabulous, caring, and very accommodating. Most importantly we have full trust in him when it comes to the care of our dogs.

Sharyn Aviv

We were in the unfortunate position of having to put our dog of 15 years down. It was a very difficult time for all of us. I have to say that Dr. Zafir and his assistant did an excellent job of making the best of a horrible time for any pet owner when they came to our home that day. They were very professional, caring, and compassionate, which helped a lot. They even checked up on us the next week to see how we were doing. I have already recommended him to all our friends for any service.

Robert Hegna

Great and caring professionals . My goldens love them and so do we .

Jack Stein

Dr. Zafir and his assistant Casey are amazing. I can’t recommend them enough! My 8-year-old cat had been vomiting with bloody diarrhea for several days. I contacted Vets to Pets and they were able to come out that same day! I work from home and was new to the area with a cat that does terribly in the car and at the vet’s office. Having Dr. Zafir and Casey see my cat at home was the best experience and actually more affordable than some of my previous trips to the vet. My cat is now back to her old self. Thanks Doc!

Caitlin Whitehurst

Dr. Zafir has been our primary veterinarian for 13 years and has always been kind and compassionate to all our pets. The Vets To Pets service offered (coming to our home) is well worth it and his vet care is always spot-on. Dr. Zafir will always provide care options from the 'chevy to the cadillac' depending on what you want, and will always be sure to tell you what you need. You can be assured you are not getting ripped off, and that your pet is getting the best possible care. Best of all, he is always available to talk about your pet in between visits if needed.

Claudia Langieri

As many of us pet parents know taking our furry treasures to the vet can be challenging for many reasons. For me it is having two felines, both that fight me when trying to be put into the carrier. One gets motion sickness before out of the driveway, and the other is a formerly feral rescue that does not like to be handled. I decided to explore having a vet come to my home and was very impressed by the reviews of Dr. Zafir, Vets to Pets, so in 2017, I made my first appointment with Dr. Zafir. Prior to the appointment Dr. Zafir obtained copies of all medical records from the their current Vet office. During the first visit I sat with Dr. Zafir and we discussed the medical care and treatment of both my girls. Dr. Zafir was not at all rushed during the appointment and it was evident that he had thoroughly reviewed the medical history of my two felines and he clearly explained to me care options available, along with his recommendations, and then I decided the treatment plan. I found the cost for a home visit to be comparable to that of a brick & mortar vet office and certainly, the option of having Dr. Zafir come to my home made it much more convenient and less stressful for me and my two felines. Dr. Zafir always arrives on time, fully prepared, is well organized, and both he and his vet tech/assistants (sometimes his wife or Casey) have always treated my girls with gentle care and compassion. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Zafir; he is an extremely caring and competent doctor and clearly he and his assistants share a love for our furry friends.

Barbara Blanton

Dr. Zafir and his Vets-to-Pets service is awesome! After owning several high-maintenance/highly specialized needs dog’s due to their service nature, I think I’ve become a more knowledgeable owner when it comes to animal care needs and veterinary services.
We have 3 big dogs and having a vet come to the house takes a huge burden off our shoulders. No more stress in a waiting room and jockeying of dogs with my wife waiting with them in the car!
Dr. Zafir has been to our house several times now to treat our dogs and each time it’s been a breeze to get them checked out.
Dr. Zafir is well versed in what our dogs need as far as shots and flea, tick and heart worm meds. For us, he’s been conservative in med dosing where other vets we’ve been to push unnecessary meds just to make an additional sale.
Whether you have 1 dog or multiple pets, Vets-to-Pets is THE best option you could choose! I’ve personally sang Dr. Zafir’s praises to multiple friends, one just yesterday when he asked for recommendations.

Thomas T

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